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Over the last 18 years, EyeQuestion® has been at the forefront of innovation, developing the world’s first web application software for Sensory and Consumer Research. EyeQuestion® turns computers, tablets and smartphones into potential data collection tools or research stations from anywhere in the world! Our industry’s leading product suite includes all features required for Sensory and Consumer Research: panel management, data collection, analysis and reporting. More than half of the most innovative companies in the world use our software for smarter and faster research which consequently results in better products.

Supporting Your Research from
Start to Finish

Being the most comprehensive software solution in the market; the EyeQuestion software suite can support your sensory or consumer research projects from start to finish. An all-in-one browser based solution that you can purchase and install on a company server, or rent online as a secure cloud service. Its simple interface and powerful tools allow you to work smarter and faster.



Powerful panel management that allows you to build and maintain your panel in an efficient manner.



Advanced multi-channel data collection for both Sensory and Consumer Research.



Present results instantly in intelligent, custom reports, during, or immediately after, data collection.


Unique Software That Moves You Forward

EyeQuestion is unique in its flexibility, customisability and user-friendliness. The software can be modified and extended to meet the specific requirements of our customers. That means you are not only very well equipped to deal with your daily work, you are also anticipating new future developments and requirements.

Sensory Research

Upgrade your Sensory Lab; gain access to all sensory methods used by researchers around the world, including descriptive analysis and difference tests, as well as the more advanced methods like Napping® and TDS. Click here to learn more.

Consumer Research

Reach out to consumers at home; use e-mail or text messages to invite consumers to home-use tests and create powerful questionnaires like Conjoint Analysis or Virtual Shopping Shelves using images, movies, conditions, branching, and piping. Click here to learn more.

Web Based

Web-based since 2001; the world’s first web application software for Sensory and Consumer Research that can be used anywhere, anytime, and on any device, without installing software. Ideal for easy-to-maintain, global, corporate-wide solutions. Click here to learn more.


The most comprehensive solution in the market; EyeQuestion can support your research projects from start to finish. Covering panel management, experimental designs, data collection, analysis, and reporting. Click here to learn more.

Faster Results

Work smarter and faster; setup projects quickly with easy-to-use questionnaires and report templates and deploy them with one click to multiple locations in different languages. Click here to learn more.

Powerful Tools

Meet your professional standards; EyeQuestion allows companies to manage large consumer panels, create complex questionnaires and instantly generate customised reports in Microsoft Excel or Word using the statistical language R. Click here to learn more.


Move forward; innovative, with a good ear for customer feedback, EyeQuestion allows you to continuously anticipate market needs and new technologies. Click here to learn more.

Integrate & Customize

Meet your specific requirements; EyeQuestion provides the flexibility to integrate with other systems and customise its features to meet the individual requirements of each customer, now and in the future. Click here to learn more.

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Result: Innovate Smarter and Faster


The last 18 years we have been translating the feedback of our customers responsively into smart software that is using all modern technologies that came available. We will continue doing that in the future, helping you to innovate your product research year after year.


Our software reduces the time you require to answer the research questions you have. Being able to quickly setup new projects and having the tools to run customized reports with powerful analyses, allows you to present your reports within minutes after collecting data.

“We love that our software lets customers work incredibly efficient and effective.”


EyeQuestion is used in over 30 countries around the world.

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