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Sensory product evaluations enhance consumer product perception. That is why all the big brands partner with EyeQuestion. Like you should too. Because every second countless consumers rely on you to make life more:  healthy, safe, appetizing, rewarding, or simply a little bit better. 

They trust you to continuously make modest yet always noticeable, or instinctively felt, differences. For over 20 years, EyeQuestion is proud to be a small part of those often small but always significant differences. We love to help make your products stand out too.

Enhancing 300 million consumer experiences a day

With over 1.5 million tests a year our platform helps our clients determine if their product innovations are fit for the market. Allowing some of the biggest brands in the world to innovate faster and smarter, thanks to more successful product launches and flawless iterations. Making your products the real stars of the show, just a little bit quicker.

Innovate smarter and faster

What started as the world’s first web application for sensory and consumer research, EyeQuestion, has grown to help hundreds of leading organisations globally to maintain and improve their products.


Similar to our clients’ efforts to answer the future needs of consumers, optimising user experience is the driving force for EyeQuestion’s continuous improvement. It is what makes EyeQuestion stand out in flexibility to integrate with other systems and to customise its features to meet high-end requirements. Supporting both sensory and consumer research fields, combining methodologies of both worlds in one platform.

There are dozens of reasons to choose EyeQuestion, our clients find these ten to be the most important ones:

  1. Proven Technology – Secure Cloud Solution since 2001
    You enjoy the highest industry standards backed by an ISO 27001 certified supplier with more than 20 years of experience in supplying secure Cloud solutions for Sensory- and Consumer Research.
  2. All-round – Supporting both Sensory AND Consumer Research
    We support all required methodologies for Sensory research as well as technologies for Consumer research. By combining both in one system, you can push research boundaries. Working alongside different departments and purposes e.g. Quality Assurance (QA), Research and Development (R&D) and Consumer Insights.
  3. The Swiss Army Knife – Flexible & Customizable
    Highly flexible and customizable. We meet your specific requirements in several ways: integrating with databases, adding custom analyses, or implementing custom-specific methodologies that are typical for certain markets.
  4. Fully featured – Most Comprehensive Solution
    You get all the necessary tools for Sensory and Consumer research for panel management, panel training, panel performance, data collection, analysis and reporting. You will find we support your research from start till finish.
  5. Resource Saver – Smart Custom Reports
    Save time and prevent mistakes by generating custom reports, in just one click instantly after collecting data. We make standardising research a joy.
  6. Innovative – Advanced Key Features
    Use the latest technologies and new advanced features to bring your research to the next level with Virtual Reality, Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech, Shelf-Life management or Data Exploration.
  7. Multilingual questionnaires
    For international organisations working with users and panellists in different countries, we made EyeQuestion multilingual, for both the user as well as the panellist.
  8. Well Supported – Excellent Services
    A dedicated international team of consultants is 24/7 on standby with knowledge, support, and a wide range of services like consultancy, training, research facilities and e-learning.
  9. Prepared for the Future – Innovative Market Leader
    Not only do we meet and exceed client requirements today, we also anticipate and prepare for future requirements. As an innovative market leader, we know what is around the corner.
  10. Get Started Fast – Quick & Easy Migration
    Count on our experienced team to guarantee a swift and successful migration to your new Cloud system.