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Our team offers an effective combination of broad sensory expertise and deep product knowledge to help you optimize your research. 

From a strategic implementation to optimizing your reports, we make sure you get the most value out of EyeQuestion.

Optimized reports

Speed up your research by using automated reports that can be generated after collecting your data at just the click of a button. We can completely tailor your reports to your own look and feel including logo’s, colors and graphics. You can choose to include analysis from our extensive library (including ANOVA, PCA, Frequencies, T-test etc.) or develop your own analysis in collaboration with our experts. Our analyses are developed and maintained by our partner Qi Statistics and include a wide variety of commonly used sensory analysis.

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If you need guidance in selecting the correct method, analysis or the best way for optimizing your research, our team of experienced consultants can help you move forward. Our expertise goes beyond the software as our team offers an effective combination of broad sensory expertise and deep product knowledge. We have the customer base and experience to back up our expertise and we take what we have learned and put it to work for you.

In-house Research Center

In early 2019 we have begun the construction of Blindgetest, our in-house research center. Our goal from the start was the creation of a space where we were able to independently test out products, try out new research methods and continue to innovate through further development of EyeQuestion by working together with external clients and individual parties. This resulted in the creation of a sensory facility, an immersive experience room and the expansion of our office space to include workstations for rent.


Sensory Facility

Our sensory facility consists of a kitchen and a testing area with 8 booths. The testing area is separated but in close vicinity of the kitchen so samples can be served quickly without affecting its physical and chemical properties during transfer. Samples are handled, stored and prepared according to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards. The testing area is built with the ability to control the lightning, temperature as well as humidity. The surface material and color used in each of the booths is kept neutral to prevent potential distractions. All booths are well ventilated and equipped with computers consisting of our EyeQuestion software to collect data from respondents.

Experience Room

Our experience room allows users to create a fully immersive environment for the respondents by using one or all of the available tools:


  • Four 4K projectors to create a fully 360 immersive environment
  • Soundbar to provide a captivating auditory experience
  • Olorama device which is able to release various scents

This an ideal opportunity to study the effect of different environmental conditions and scenarios by changing the interior design, sound and smell.


Our Experts

Sandra Beekhuizen

Sr. Consultant & Team Leader

“My team is dedicated to assist EyeQuestion users where necessary and bring a smile on their face.”

Danielle Dull


“I love to see how my work with our users often results in a tremendous efficiency improvement in their research process.”

Preeti Kaura

Product Specialist

“It is great to be able to answer questions of users and at the same time add some extra tip & tricks that helps them to increase their productivity. “

Eduardo Martinez

Product Specialist

“Always surprised how new users are amazed about the possibilities they discover using our software in their daily work.” 

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