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Enhancing 300 million consumer experiences a day

Every second countless consumers rely on our clients to make life more: healthy, safe, appetising, rewarding, or simply a little bit better. They trust our clients to continuously improve their consumer goods. For over two decades, EyeQuestion is proud to be a powerful ingredient to efficiently discovering high-quality insights in product perception. 

Consider us the secret ingredient behind most consumer goods

With over 1.5 million evaluations a year, our software helps our clients determine if their product innovations are market fit. Allowing some of the biggest brands worldwide to innovate faster and smarter, thanks to successful product launches and flawless iterations.  


Making their products the real stars of the show, enjoyed by millions of consumers each and every day.

What started as the world’s first web application for sensory and consumer research, EyeQuestion has grown to help hundreds of leading organisations globally to maintain and improve the quality of their products.

Start using EyeQuestion

Carefully listening to our clients’ needs, EyeQuestion is
the world’s most comprehensive platform for making sense of product perception. Ideal as an easy to maintain, globally accessible, secure and corporate-wide proven technology solution. Offering instant access to most frequently used sensory methods including Descriptive analysis and Difference tests, as well as more advanced methods like Napping® and TDS.


Complete with powerful questionnaires using images, videos, interactive questions, branching and piping. Available anywhere, anytime and on any device without installing any software.


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These leading organisations trust EyeQuestion to support their research and drive innovation: