EyeQuestion offers powerful panel management allowing you to build and maintain your panel in an efficient manner.

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Expand your panel using an online registration questionnaire, ask as many questions as you like and collect data about demographics, shopping habits, products usage or any other panellist characteristic you can think of. Choose manually who to admit into your database and let them schedule their own appointments.

  • Online Registration
  • Customisable registration form
  • Accept or decline New Panellists
  • Filter on personal information
  • Automatically block duplicates
  • GDPR Compliant


Panellists can update their information using a portal in your own look and feel. Have your panellists manage their own profile and let you know when they develop an allergy, change their address or change their shopping habits. Your panellists can view and update their information, check upcoming appointments or schedule new ones.

  • Portal in your look and feel
  • Update personal information
  • View Upcoming studies
  • View Rewards
  • View and (Re)schedule appointments
  • Unsubscribe


Create balanced and statistically correct consumer panels based on previously stored information like demographic information, product preference, allergies or any other characteristics. By recording panellists activity history, you are able to filter your panels based on previous attendance, preventing that the same panellists are selected repeatedly.

  • Group panellists together
  • Filter on demographics or other characteristics
  • Filter on previous participation


Invite specific demographic groups by targeting them using quota options. Create quota based on age, gender or other information and invite only those panellists you need. Send out screeners to decide which panellists match your criteria. Eligible panellists can self- schedule a suitable date and time. You can keep track of test schedules, cancellations and absences

  • Advanced Quota Sampling
  • Timeslots
  • Invites and reminders
  • Batch emailing
  • Quota based emailing
  • Self-scheduling
  • Reserve List


You can allocate, grant or reject rewards based on panellists and project participation. Panellists are able to view their collected rewards on their personal portal whilst you are able to view, filter and export their yearly expenses.

  • Grant or Reject rewards
  • Display rewards on portal
  • Filter on project and date
  • Export Reward overview

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