Our software turns any device instantly into a data collection tool for both Sensory and Consumer Research.  

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Create Questionnaires

You can create questionnaires in minutes, just drag-and-drop the questions you need. Type your questions, add markup using the build in text editor and make these more interactive using images, videos, icons or gifs. Make your questionnaires engaging by adding logic, skip to questions based on answers. 

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Add images, video and audio
  • Placeholders
  • Preview questionnaire
  • Automatic Translation
  • Logic to skip questions
  • Quota
  • and more


Start by selecting one of our consumer or sensory templates from our extensive library or create your own custom template and share it across your organisation. No matter the type of project, EyeQuestion has the tools to make it as easy as possible!

  • Discrimination Tests (e.g. Triangle, Tetrad, Pairwise, R-index)
  • Profiling (QDA)
  • Panel Training (e.g. Basic Tastes, Threshold, Feedback)
  • Quality Control (e.g. In/Out)
  • Consumer Templates
  • Implicit Measures
  • Rapid Methods (e.g. Napping, Free Sorting, Flash Profiling)
  • Ranking Methods
  • Temporal Methods (e.g. TDS, Time Intensity)
  • and more

Question types

Choose from our extensive library of question types to get you started, ranging from basic sensory question types such as one-choice, multiple choice, Liking, JAR or linescales to more advanced question types including Napping, TDS, Flavour wheels, IAT or Best-worst scaling.

  • Multiple choice and checkboxes
  • Liking and JAR
  • Linescales
  • Matrix
  • Drag and drop questions
  • Save your own custom questions
  • Time measures
  • and more

Experimental Design

The powerful design generator in EyeQuestion gives the user complete control to create a variety of serving orders. Feeling more experimental? Importing an Excel or xml file will allow you to create any design that is required using an easy to understand format. Validate your design on first order and crossover effect.

  • Williams latin square design
  • Balanced incomplete design
  • Discrimination Test designs
  • Custom Design Patterns
  • Replicates
  • Sessions
  • Warm-up samples
  • and more

Conducting Tests

EyeQuestion turns any device into a potential test station by having both online and offline options. Tests can be conducted in a classic sensory lab (CLT), over the corporate intranet (e-mail invite), for consumer home use (HUT) and through web questionnaires (CAWI). During testing, both panellists and sample presentation can be monitored using our dynamic monitoring options.

  • Direct Project Links
  • E-Mail Project Link
  • QR Code Project Link
  • Booth allocation
  • Monitor progress
  • All Browsers supported
  • Mobile friendly interface
  • and more

Data Exploration

EyeQuestion offers fully manageable Product and Attribute databases, which can be used directly with EyeQuestion projects. External integration is also possible using simple Excel files or by connecting with one of our webservices. Collected data can be sent to our Central Database, where filters on sample, assessor, product and time give you endless possibilities filtering your data which can be exported to Excel or directly loaded into EyeOpenR for analysis.

  • Product database
  • Attribute database
  • Central Database
  • External integration

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EyeQuestion offers powerful panel management allowing you to build and maintain your panel in an efficient manner.

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EyeQuestion offers an extensive library of Sensory and Consumer analysis which can be combined in a report.

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