EyeQuestion offers an extensive library of Sensory and Consumer analysis which can be combined in a report.

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The analysis tool included with EyeQuestion is called EyeOpenR. This advanced analysis and reporting solution will enhance your data analysis productivity. Based on the popular statistical language R, EyeOpenR is able to perform complex statistical calculations which are created, validated and documented by our partner Qi Statistics Ltd.

  • R analyses
  • Easy interface
  • Import data from other sources
  • Export to Excel

Available analyses

Select from our ever expanding library of basic and advanced sensory analyses including:

  • Comparisons (ANOVA with multiple comparison, T-Test, Friedman)
  • Panellist analyses (including Panellist performance, MAM, Outliers)
  • Consumer analyses (including Penalty analyses, Preference Mapping)
  • Descriptives (Means, SD, Frequencies, SEM, Min, Max)
  • Discrimination test analyses (including Guessing model, Thurstonian scaling, power and sample size calculation)
  • Graphs (including barchart, spiderchart, PCA, penalty plot)
  • Hierarchical clustering (including K-means)
  • Rapid Methods (including Free Sorting and Napping)
  • Temporal Methods (Time intensity and TDS)
  • and more


Speed up your research using automated reports which can be generated in one click after collecting your data. You select which attributes, products, sessions and panellists you wish to analyse and the statistical tests you want performed – all from easy-to-use wizard interface. EyeOpenR will do the rest by providing as much analysis detail as you need and producing a report with tables and editable graphics. 

  • Automated reports
  • Custom look and feel
  • Select from over 50 analyses
  • Editable graphs

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EyeQuestion offers powerful panel management allowing you to build and maintain your panel in an efficient manner.

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Our software turns any device instantly into a data collection tool for both Sensory and Consumer Research.

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