Home Use Testing

The fact that our software is 100% cloud based allows our clients to use it for Home Use Testing. With Home Use Testing, organisations would send their products to consumers at home and have them fill out product based evaluations from their home.

What we implemented

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Product Labeling


Besides Central Location testing, a different set up would be to test products in a home environment instead of a controlled environment. With Home Use Testing, it is possible to reach a larger or different audience besides your standard panel. But the process of coordinating the distribution of products, tests and results can be daunting and disjointed.


EyeQuestion provides the tools to register products and their attributes. Label products with an unique number and send these out to panellists at home.  Panellists would be able to  use any device from a desk computer, tablet to a regular smartphone to fill in the questionnaire. Results can be monitored and  automatically analysed and reported at any time.


With EyeQuestion, there are no limitations when it comes to sensory or consumer product evaluations. It provides flexibility for you and for panellists regarding the time the test is conducted as well as the location of where the test takes place. Additionally, it is possible to use Central Location Testing and Home Use Testing at the same time.

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Whether you are conducting  sensory research or consumer research, EyeQuestion supports you in both categories. 

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