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EyeQuestion VR

The last few years progression has been made regarding the use of Virtual Reality in the field of consumer and sensory research.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificial, computer-generated simulation or recreation of a real life environment or situation.

User immersion is made possible by stimulating their vision and hearing, making them feel like the simulated reality is experienced firsthand.

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In order to understand consumer behavior and liking, their perception of products has been studied and its knowledge often utilized for marketing and development purposes. The classic approach has been to test the product in a neutral environment.The golden standard is sensory booths as they allow the product being evaluated in a controlled setting. Such a controlled setting however is lacking contextual factors which greatly influence the consumer perception. Alternatives have been researched that better represent perception in real-life situations but those have often been labelled as time consuming, costly and difficult to control due to the inability to single out influences of specific factors.



Find a way to provide a controllable, easy to use and cheap alternative to represent a real-life situation.  For us, this is EyeQuestion VR which started out as a simple mobile cardboard application to a fully fledged experience which can be integrated into EyeQuestion, fully compatible with the latest VR headsets. Using existing functionality, VR projects can be run like a regular project, thus creating a VR booth out of your headset. Physical props can be added to complete the engagement of the consumer as well as external devices to provide olfactory and auditory experiences and to control temperature and humidity. 



With EyeQuestion VR, it is possible to provide an immersive environment that creates the illusion of a specific setting and ambiance while you are still being able to control the environment. EyeQuestion VR can take your research to the next level with the possibility to include testing all senses at the same time.

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