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Make sense of product perception

EyeQuestion includes all features required for Sensory and Consumer Research: panel management, data collection, analysis and reporting.

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EyeQuestion offers powerful panel management which allows you to build and maintain your panel in an efficient manner.



EyeQuestion turns any device instantly into a data collection tool for both Sensory and Consumer Research.



EyeQuestion offers an extensive library of Sensory and Consumer analysis which can be combined in a report.


All about answering your future needs

Similar to our clients’ efforts answering future needs of consumers, optimizing user experience is the driving force for EyeQuestion’s continuous improvement. 


It is what makes EyeQuestion stand out in flexibility to integrate with other systems and to customize its features to meet high-end requirements – now and in the future. 


Supporting both sensory and consumer research fields, combining methodologies of both worlds in one platform.

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Available to you anywhere, anytime and on any device without installing any software. Ideal as an easy to maintain, global access, secure and corporate-wide solution. Enjoyed and approved by hundreds of EyeQuestion clients and their millions of critical consumers.


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