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Central Location Testing

Our main focus at EyeQuestion is Sensory and Consumer research. A classic set up for Sensory Research is Central Location Testing or CLT.
This set up invites panelists to a controlled environment -mostly referred to as a test lab- where samples of a product are evaluated.
EyeQuestion software is completely designed to service organisations that conduct Central Location Testing.

What we implemented

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Live Monitoring

Experimental Design

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Running daily product evaluations from a central location for sensory product development or quality control can be a timely task. A large part would be communication and coordination between different locations: labs, test booths, preparation room or kitchen.



EyeQuestion provides the tools to create balanced rotation plans to distribute samples evenly among panelists providing the right sample to the right panelist. A monitoring screen for the kitchen is available to instruct which samples need to be prepared and served. EyeQuestion makes it easy for test leaders to quickly setup new product evaluations and produce results in automated reports instantly during or after finalizing data collection. It includes ISO methodologies for sensory research and the corresponding analyses.



EyeQuestion supplies a cloud-based solution that contains all the required tools to manage and operate one or more sensory labs. Enabling test managers to conduct tests easy and reduce the average time required to present the final results. There will be more time to interpret and evaluate results, further develop products and drive innovation. Innovate smarter and faster with EyeQuestion. 

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