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EuroSense 2022: A Sense of Earth

We were excited to come back to EuroSense 2022 – this year in a physical format – as many of us were longing to.  This edition was held in Turku, Finland and over the course of four days both attendees and exhibitors got the opportunity to stay up to date with the ongoing innovations in the sensory and consumer research. This year the main topic was A Sense of Earth, the conference put specific attention to innovative approaches to study sensory perception in relation to preference, choice, and other types of behavior from a global perspective. This edition of the conference was attended by 600 delegates from 57 different countries, part of the official program included: more than 80 presentations, 330 posters and 4 workshops. Apart from being present at a booth in the exhibition hall, EyeQuestion Software as an organization also had the opportunity to host two events. 

User meeting

During the first day of EuroSense we held our user meeting with approx. 25 attendees from different countries and types of companies; all of them connected by their EyeQuestion usage. In the meeting the EyeQuestion team was in charge of presenting a diverse range of topics; starting with an introduction of the company and team, followed with a presentation around our own research facility ”BlindGetest”. After which we presented the latest improvements and upcoming features followed up by a presentation from 2 of our clients. We ended the user meeting with a hands on experience where we showcased innovative technologies: VR, AR and eye tracking. There was also time to get to know each other more during the shared lunch we had with all the attendees. A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to take part in our user meeting  and we look forward seeing you at the next one!


For the first time ever, we presented during a workshop at EuroSense 2022. During this hour-long presentation, potential and current clients had the opportunity to get a sneak peek to find out how EyeQuestion can adapt to diverse needs. We presented three practical case scenarios, each scenario presented diverse challenges that are commonly affronted by the sensory and consumer research departments across organisations. There was a presentation on each case scenario requirement and how EyeQuestion can cover specific needs and requirements. Thanks to everyone who attended our workshop and if you are curious to know more about what EyeQuestion can do to improve your business potential, please contact us via email.