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Tasting beer around the world during a pandemic

These past couple of months have been quite challenging for everyone around the world. The current global pandemic has impacted both our social lives and businesses. In most countries there are still restrictions in place preventing us to do consumer research in a representative environment. In order to continue conducting sensory and consumer research in an environment mimicking the place where products are normally consumed, we developed a unique room that immerses consumers in a place where they can fully experience and evaluate your products.


To keep on fulfilling the needs of the people within the food industry, or any other sensory related business, conducting qualitative sensory research has become even more important to ensure the viability of your product before actually releasing it into the consumer market. EyeQuestion is well-known for it’s incredible sense to keep on innovating and to come up with advanced solutions to help you conduct your research effectively.



How can we still test a product in its natural environment, without being able to be there at that place or moment? Well, in our own Immersive room we can now create almost every environment. An Immersive room is a very easy and fun way to give your test panel the idea that they are present at a different location, where they are able to enjoy a fancy dinner at a restaurant, indulge themselves to a cold drink at a festival or drink a coffee at a crowded station. You can create the illusion of that certain place in order to research the effect your surroundings may have on how your panel will experience something. In this room anything is possible! One moment you may be tasting a freshly baked croissant near the Eiffel tower whilst the next moment you may be at the Oktoberfest tasting a variety of beers.

The environment of the room is highly customizable in regards to the 360° video that is displayed in the background on all screens, surrounding the panelist completely.  Meanwhile, audio is playing and aroma is being released in whilst the panelist is answering the questionnaire. Using our built in Olorama device, a diverse variety of aromas can be configured to be sprayed during the experience. Using the right combination of video and scent, different environments can be set up for conducting consumer behavior studies.  For example, imagine having a picnic in a meadow with the smell of freshly cut grass, or having a nice cool drink whilst relaxing on a beach, listening to the sounds of the waves.



The immersive room facility is not only extremely useful and relevant for the current times,  but will also be beneficial in  the future by providing an environment that is similar to the actual study environment, facilitating the natural behavior of the consumer.