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Meet Our Support Team

Many of you have been in contact with our support team during the last couple of years. Until 4 years ago we did not have a dedicated support team as support was being delivered by multiple team members who were answering your e-mails and calls as an additional task. Because our client base grew rapidly, the need was there for a dedicated support team. Some of you have been in contact with the support team for many years now while others might not be familiar with our services yet. That is why we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and how we work.


Over the last 4 years our support team has grown to better handle your questions and issues in a timely manner. Preeti, Danielle, Daam and Sandra work hard every day to answer your calls and find answers to your questions. Together, our goal is to help you with a number of issues, ranging from questions about setting up questionnaires, best sensory practices, running analyses or solving any technical difficulties.

Sandra Beekhuizen
Team Manager
Sandra has worked at EyeQuestion for 9 years. She started as an intern working on various improvements to the interface of EyeQuestion. Sandra has since then worked as a consultant giving training and support to our clients and has been giving advice to the development team. Since the beginning of 2018 she has been leading the support and consultancy team on a daily basis.

Preeti Kaura
Support Specialist
Preeti has a background in Sensory research and studied Nutrition and Biomedicine in Germany. She started working as a support specialist in May of this year and has since then helped us support our clients with a number of issues.

Daniëlle Dull
Daniëlle studied Nutrition and Health at the Wageningen University and worked there at the department of Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour. She started working at EyeQuestion 4 years ago as a consultant and has worked on various projects since then. Daniëlle organizes training sessions at our clients and helps delivering tailored parts of the software such as automated reports.

Daam Postruznik
Product Owner
Daam plays an important part in representing our users and determines what features will be added to our applications. He helps out with more advanced support questions and helps to improve the stability and user friendliness of our application together with our development team.

This year, we have received more than 4500 tickets with support requests. The majority of the tickets we received were about setting up a project in EyeQuestion, ranging from how to create the questionnaire or generate the design to running the project and processing the data. We have also received a lot of questions this year about the new privacy laws in the European union, which, seeing as GDPR was implemented this past year was expected.

After 4 years it was time to look at our current support process and how we could improve this. We asked ourselves what we could improve upon and how to offer a higher level of customer support. With the customer satisfaction in mind, the following is a list of improvements we feel would improve our support capabilities :

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement), each incoming ticket is prioritized according to severity and will be answered within our SLA.
  • Expanded the team to increase capacity, increase service and improve response times.
  • E-Learning and documentation, we are working hard on expanding our online materials.
  • Customer satisfaction survey, we recently added an option to give us some feedback after your ticket has been closed.
  • Testing, we have a lot of automated tests running every night but manual testing is still a necessary step for our team.


Going Forward

In 2019 we will continue to further expand our services with new E-Learning material, online webinars and improved documentation. We will release E-Learning courses that deal with topics such as security, multi-sample questionnaires, discrimination tests and showing or hiding content. Furthermore we will start with some free Webinars for our clients to help them get the most out of our applications.

We will be looking into expanding our support team to make sure your questions, requests and feedback will be answered and processed as fast as possible. Additionally, we will also restructure our current documentation and make all of it available from one central place. With the upcoming release of EyeQuestion 5, we feel that this would present us with the ideal opportunity to make these improvements and would like to hear your feedback during the upcoming year.

Of course, our support page can still be accessed to upload large files and view the necessary contact information.