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The Scent of Summer of ’18

After a record breaking hot summer, where we experienced two heatwaves, it seems the autumn is starting to show itself as temperatures have been dwindling the past few weeks. Those who have not left the Netherlands for their yearly summer holiday were working, in the comfort of the air conditioning system, on improving our software and getting ready for EuroSense


In preparation to our trip to Verona next week, we have been developing a more tangible addition to work alongside EyeQuestion VR. With the aid of Olorama, an audio-visual tech company located in Spain, we have incorporated smell into our digital equation. By using Olorama’s scent generator, we can effectively incorporate scents into the audio-visual world. The scent generator is a small wireless box which can be linked to a device or program, in our case the EyeQuestion Suite, using a regular WiFi connection. Based on user input, the device releases a specific pre-determined scent to enhance the panelist’s experience or to rate certain scents based on preference.

The device is a small box where up to 10 different scent modules can be added. These module can be configured in EyeQuestion using the now familiar interface. Respondent actions, such as pressing a button, and time releases can be set up to work with an EyeQuestion questionnaire. We will be demonstrating this new tool during EuroSense, so please have a smell at our booth.

Please see below a video on how the device is used within our system

The last few weeks we have added some new options in EyeQuestion. The linescales have received some additional options as users are now able to select a Small, Medium or Large linescale in addition to adjusting the width.

This option was added to improve useability when conducting a questionnaire on a touch device.

Small size

Medium size

Large size

The export accounting options, previously Export Accouting I and II, have also gotten an overhaul as it is now just called Export Accounting. We have added a submenu to make sure everything that was possible previously is still there, but the addition of  the option to filter on date, project name and panel group gives this feature much more possibilities then previously were included.

In EyeContact we have added a custom Reply to field to the invite, confirmation and cancellation e-mail template. Previously, the reply to e-mail address would be the one that has been set up during the EyeContact setup. Now, users have the option to select from the number of addresses that are available in EyeContact. Please make sure that the e-mail has been added to a project manager user as the list of e-mails will be taken from there.

The focus of our next blog will be the Eurosense conference. Please visit our booth, we hope to see you there! Prior to EuroSense we will host a user meeting on Sunday the 2nd of September from 10:00 am to 01:30 pm. The user meeting offers the possibility to learn new tips and tricks, share your experiences with others, give us your valuable feedback and discuss new ideas to help us improve our software.