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EyeQuestion Live on the Road

Data collection with EyeQuestion software is easy, as one only needs access to the internet. A location, normally a sensory lab with various booths, is necessary in order to create a controlled environment for the panelists to participate in the various testing processes. Booths can be any device that has access to the world wide web (or intranet). If, for some reason, there is no internet connectivity available, then EyeQuestion software has various alternative solutions to collect your data. One of these solutions is EyeQuestion Live which is our offline tool for gathering data. EyeQuestion Live can be installed on a USB stick and data can be collected by simply plugging it into a USB port and starting the software. The collected data can be uploaded to your main EyeQuestion environment for analysis.



When hearing the words ‘sensory lab’, one might think of one, or multiple, static places where panelists need to be invited to. Normally this is a building that houses the laboratorium. When doing consumer research, one has to take into account the ever evolving preferences of the consumers. These can evolve over time and can differ from location to location as not every culture and consumer group has the same sensory preferences. It would be very hard to gather all these different groups into one single place and it would be very expensive to create various places all over the world where all these groups can gather. 


The Belgian originated company the Puratos Group has found the perfect solution to collect data from various locations,  whilst still having the overview and control to proper conduct sensory research. The Sensobus and Sensovan have been used to collect data by bringing the sensory lab to the consumers instead of bringing the consumers to the lab. The Sensobus is a mobile lab which is equipped with a sensory analysis lab. Its main advantage is that it can travel to every place where consumers shop for food and can welcome up to 250 consumers a day. This allows Puratos to conduct the research in a fast, efficient and flexible way whilst still having a controlled environment.



The sensobus has eight sensory booths to collect data. The conducted tests ranges from pricing, packaging as well as on-location sample testing and feedback is being generated directly. Puratos’ Sensobusses are on the move across the whole of Europe and the United States, while the Sensovan is traveling across Iberica.