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EyeQuestion 4.5

EyeQuestion 4.5 comes with a few useful additions which will improve the speed and ease of creating projects in EyeQuestion. The clickable image editor has been improved, making it easier to upload your own custom image and add clickable areas to it. By improving the responsiveness when creating the areas and adding the option to drag and resizes existing areas, creating your custom clickables images has been made simple for even the most novice users.Pizza


Editing questions has been improved by adding the ability to change the font of all items simultaneously and by recalculating item values after deleting a value. Changing the font, color and size of the question item no longer has to be done separately as the layout for the question items can be set up all at once in the layout settings. The same applies when deleting an item, as previously all values had to be edited individually in order to have the correct numerical order. This is now possible by clicking the recalculate option, which will automatically recalculate all values when an item has been deleted.

batch_change_font_options auto_calculate

The option to add more then one label when printing out blinding codes is also a new option in the latest version of EyeQuestion. Previously, one single document was used to print out your blinding codes. This has been adjusted so that a drop down will be available when more labels have been set up, giving the project manager the option to select which (custom) format can be used when printing blinding codes.


Another feature that we have been working on is the feedback screen. We have included a feedback question, which allows panelists to  receive feedback at the end of the questionnaire. The feedback displayed is taken from various EyeOpenR analyses. For example, it is possible to show the results of the panelist performance or the outliers analysis. In the question settings, you can indicate how many panelists should have finished the test before the feedback appears on their screen. When new panelists finish the test, the feedback screen of the already finished panelist will update to the latest results.

Are you curious to try out yourselves how the feedback screen works? Please fill in the following questionnaire to experience the feedback screen:


You can use one of the following logins: respo1 – respo100. There is no password.
If a login has already been used, please try another one.

While the additions to EyeQuestion were relatively minor, the addition of a Reserve List to EyeContact is a bigger one and one that has been asked for for quite some time. The reserve list makes it possible for panelists to apply to be placed on a reserve list when a scheduled timeslot has already been filled. This way, if a panelist cancels their appointment or does not show up, the reserve list can be used to fill in that, previously empty, timeslot. reserve10