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European Sensory Network Seminar 2016

On the 16th of April EyeQuestion was present in Vienna to participate in the European Sensory Network’s seminar Digital Tools: How to use immersive virtual reality and smartphone applications to understand consumers´experience.


During our presentation, after giving a short introduction of our company, the focus was on our EyeQuestion Mobile applet. One of the examples we like to give in regards to the useage of the app is the journey to its creation. One of our clients were looking for a solution where they could do sensory research in the showers of their facility. As you might know, water and wifi connectivity do not match very well. 

The company did not want the panelist have to wait until they were finished to rate the attributes of the shampoo or step out of the shower during their washing process.  As there was no reliable network in the shower they started to use the EyeQuestion Mobile app on android tables and had waterproof covers to protect the tablets from the water.


We rounded off the presentation by going into another technique we investigated and used at Pangborn last year, the ability to use Virtual Reality in Sensory and Consumer Research. With continously evolving smartphones, the possiblities to use your every-day appliance with a cheap alternative Virtual Reality cardboard goggle are growing by the day. This could be a very fun and cost effectively way to attract the consumer base for your company’s testing needs.