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New Features, New Look & Feel

At EyeQuestion® Software we keep up with the current trends in sensory and consumer research. This means a steady improvement in existing questions types and the addition of new ones. For example measuring time can now also be done using a Temporal Order of Sensations (TOS) question type as well as a Temporal Click All That Apply  (TCATA) question type. Last year, our software has also seen the expansion and upgrade of existing question types such as Structured Napping and the possibility to use numerical ranking in the Simple Ranking questiontype. 

Our panel management gained the ability to send confirmations to the panelists mobile phone using text messages.

One of our other new additions for this year was the Historical Database. This feature will allow users to store project data in a central database which in turn can be analyzed with data from other projects. After exporting data to the HDB, users can search the database across projects, time, products and panelists and export the results. Users can also analyze the data using EyeOpenR® or generate reports in Excel or Word or import data into the HDB from external sources.

But that is not enough of course. In the coming weeks we will release a new update of EyeQuestion, going from 3.16 to 3.17. The release is a big step forward for us as it will give the user access to a beta version of our new release 4.0 interface. The familiar interface will be activated when logging in to EyeQuestion with the possibility to switch back and forth to this new interface. When it is fully released within a few weeks from now, 4.0 will not only be visually more stimulating to the senses, but it will also be more user-friendly regarding the practical use of the software. Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated. We have completely overhauled EyeQuestion, creating an all new and easy to use interface for users and respondents. The short demonstration below gives you an impression of this new look & feel.

The release of 3.17 will also see the addition of a Best /Worst Scale questiontype. The user will be able to set up a subset of items from a master list and the panelist will be asked to indicate the best and worst items from that list. Clicking the clickable links will give you an example of the different question types.