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Elevating Quality Control with EyeQuestion API Integration

Leveraging EyeQuestion for Enhanced Sensory and Consumer Research in Integrated Quality Control Systems

In the dynamic landscape of sensory and consumer research, ensuring product quality and consistency before market release is crucial. Integrating EyeQuestion with robust systems like LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems) or SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) can elevate your quality control processes. This seamless integration, enabled through APIs, allows for a thorough evaluation of sensory aspects, ensuring that only the finest products reach your consumers. 

Let’s explore how EyeQuestion can enhance your quality control and research efforts.

The Power of Integration

EyeQuestion, the leading SaaS tool in sensory and consumer research, excels in capturing detailed sensory data. 


By connecting EyeQuestion to your existing LIMS or SAP system, you create a streamlined workflow that enhances the precision and efficiency of your quality control processes. 


Here’s how it works:

  1. Automated Sample Retrieval
    Through API connections, EyeQuestion can automatically retrieve sample information from your LIMS or SAP system. This automation reduces manual data entry errors and speeds up the process, ensuring that the right samples are evaluated promptly.
  2. Comprehensive Sensory Evaluation
    Once the samples are retrieved, EyeQuestion provides a robust platform for conducting detailed sensory evaluations. Whether it is taste, texture, aroma, or appearance, EyeQuestion’s intuitive interface allows for precise data collection and analysis.
  3. Real-Time Data Transmission
    After the sensory evaluations are completed, EyeQuestion sends the results back to your LIMS or SAP system through APIs. This real-time data transmission ensures that all relevant information is updated instantly, facilitating timely decision-making.

Implementing Decision Rules

One of standout features of  EyeQuestion is the ability to implement decision rules within the system. These rules determine the acceptance criteria for samples based on sensory evaluation data. Here is how decision rules can be leveraged:

  • Customisable Criteria
    Define specific sensory parameters that a sample must meet to be accepted. For example, a beverage might need to score above a certain threshold in taste and aroma to pass quality control.
  • Automated Decision-Making
    EyeQuestion can automatically apply these decision rules to the sensory data, providing instant feedback on whether a sample is accepted or rejected. This automation ensures consistency and objectivity in the evaluation process.
  • Integration with Business Processes
    The results and decisions can be seamlessly integrated into your broader business processes within LIMS or SAP. Accepted samples can move forward in the production line, while rejected samples can trigger alerts for further investigation.

Benefits of Integration

  1. Enhanced Efficiency
    By automating the retrieval and transmission of sample data, your team can focus more on analysing results rather than managing data.
  2. Improved Accuracy
    Reducing manual interventions minimises the risk of errors, ensuring that your quality control decisions are based on accurate and reliable data.
  3. Scalability
    Whether you are dealing with a few samples or thousands, the integration allows your processes to scale effortlessly, maintaining the same level of accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Informed Decision-Making
    Real-time data updates and automated decision rules ensure that your quality control processes are both timely and informed, leading to better product quality and customer satisfaction.


Integrating EyeQuestion with your LIMS or SAP system transforms your sensory and consumer research capabilities. This powerful combination not only streamlines your quality control processes but also enhances the reliability and efficiency of your evaluations.


By leveraging APIs for seamless data exchange and implementing decision rules for automated acceptance criteria, EyeQuestion ensures that your products meet the highest sensory standards before they reach your consumers. Embrace this integration to elevate your quality control and drive superior product experiences.

For more information on integrating EyeQuestion with your existing systems and to explore its full potential, contact our sales team today. Let’s take your sensory and consumer research to the next level.