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A Fresh Sense of Innovation with our Latest Release!

Enhacing Your Research Workflow with EyeQuestion: New Features and Improvements

New Template View

The template selection process has been redesigned to present the method description alongside all templates, enabling better comparison of methodologies across different sets. This helps in choosing the templates best suited for specific research projects. Additionally, users can now preview templates and explore a broader range of ready-to-use options.


New Templates Include:

  • Discrimination: 2-AFC, Triangle Feedback, R-Index Ranked
  • Consumer: Best Worst/Max Diff, Conjoint Choice Based, Implicit Association Task (IAT) (Improved)
  • Descriptive: Check All That Apply (CATA), Flavor Profiling
  • Rapid Methods: Free Sorting, Napping, Sorted Napping
  • Temporal Methods: Time Intensity

New Question Type: Text Highlighter

Introducing Text Highlighter, a brand-new question type for survey data collection and analysis. Leveraging intuitive highlighting behavior, this powerful tool measures explicit attitudes effectively. Participants can highlight parts of their text to express their attitudes, offering a natural and innovative alternative to traditional methodologies like open-ended questions. For more information, visit our support page

Data Cleaning

After data collection, ensuring the validity of the collected data and addressing inattentive responses is crucial. To tackle this, we have introduced the Data Cleaning feature for Completion Time. This functionality offers various tools to help you “clean” your data before analysis, ensuring more reliable results. For more information, visit our support page.

AI Coder

When evaluating products, it is crucial to ask panellists for argument-specific answers or to write down their thoughts in their own words. However, analysing a large dataset of individual comments can be challenging. Traditionally, remark labeling has been a manual process that involves creating and assigning labels to corresponding remarks. While somewhat effective, this method is time-consuming and becomes increasingly laborious as data volumes grow.

To address this challenge, we introduce our innovative feature: the AI Coder for Remark Labeling. This new feature revolutionises remark labeling by using AI to enhance productivity and save time.

Improved Project Flow

The workflow has been redesigned from project creation to data analysis, making it faster, easier, and clearer for users at every point.

Key improvements include:

  • Summary Page
    Easily access key project settings, including open/closed sessions, products, and panellists.
  • Streamlined Workflow
    A clear progression from design to data visualisation ensures a smooth workflow.
  • Enhanced Navigation
    Quick access to design, distribution, and data settings on every page.

Improved Quota Management

This feature simplifies the management of screening outcomes, quota creation, and progress tracking.

Key improvements include:

  • Multi-Screen In/Out Action Selection
    Offers various options for panellists based on their screening status.
  • Quota Creation with Personalised Conditions
    Allows creating quotas based on personal information using logical operators.
  • Enhanced Panel Table Visualisation
    Provides easy tracking of panellists’ screening status and quota information.

For more information, visit our support page

Improved Panel Management

Managing your panel is now simpler than ever with our enhanced features. The improved Panel Management system allows you to effortlessly send emails or notifications to panellists for various purposes, such as inviting them to schedule appointments, complete questionnaires, or receive general messages. This advanced feature set also enables effective tracking of panellists’ status and test enrollment methods.


Key features include:

  • Effortless Panellist Management
    Easily add panellists or groups and set participant limits.
  • Panellist Status Overview
    Track invitation statuses and scheduled appointments.
  • Access Control
    Restrict project access to included panellists only.
  • Communication Flexibility
    Communicate with panellists via email or EQ APP notifications and schedule messages.
  • Visualised Communication
    View sent and scheduled messages for improved project management.

For more information, visit our support page.

These new features and improvements are designed to empower you to conduct your sensory and consumer research with greater ease and efficiency. We are committed to continuously refining EyeQuestion to meet your needs even better. Stay tuned for more exciting developments, and feel free to share your feedback with us!