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Meeting New Challenges in a Changing World at Pangborn 2023

Nantes, France, recently played host to the Pangborn 2023 conference, bringing together leading experts in the field of sensory and consumer science. Among the enthusiastic participants was the EyeQuestion team, eager to immerse themselves in this event dedicated to exploring the latest research developments. Here we offer a glimpse into our experience at Pangborn 2023, where we not only showcased EyeQuestion but also engaged into a mix of innovation, networking, and enjoyable moments.

User meeting

Kicking off our Pangborn journey, we commenced with the traditional EyeQuestion User Meeting before the official start of the conference. This gathering provided us with an excellent opportunity to connect with our valued users and share exciting updates in the pipeline. Amidst animated discussions, we offered an exclusive sneak peek into the upcoming versions and features of EyeQuestion. The unlimited enthusiasm and invaluable feedback from our user community set an exciting mood for the days ahead.

3 Posters part of the program

We also actively participated in the conference’s diverse program. We found ourselves captivated by the wide-ranging topics that delved into innovation and digitalization within the realm of sensory and consumer research. The presentations and discussions left us feeling inspired and filled with anticipation regarding how these ideas will shape the future of our field.


But the standout moment of Pangborn 2023 for us was the opportunity to present three posters, each showcasing collaborative research projects with our valued clients. These projects encompassed immersive room research in partnership with Unilever, a study on drinking products involving different straw materials in collaboration with Britvic, and eye-tracking investigations conducted alongside Kexxu. It was truly an honor to share our collaborative work and insights with the conference attendees.


Throughout the conference, EyeQuestion played a prominent role, with a dedicated workshop featuring our company founders, Gerben Ernst and Rignald Span. They not only shared the captivating story behind EyeQuestion but also delivered a live demonstration. For those who were unfamiliar with our software, this was a chance to witness firsthand how EyeQuestion can elevate sensory and consumer research to new heights.


Our booth at the conference was a hub of activity, drawing both our loyal clientele and fresh faces eager to explore what EyeQuestion had to offer. It was a unique chance for us to immerse ourselves in conversations with researchers, delve into their distinct requirements, and showcase how EyeQuestion could elevate their research endeavors. To add a dash of fun to the proceedings, we organized a captivating competition challenging attendees to estimate the number of mints that could snugly fit into a Dopper bottle. The diverse range of creative guesses and strategies employed by participants was nothing short of impressive, making this contest a memorable highlight of our time at Pangborn 2023.

Grand finale

Every conference deserves a grand finale, and Pangborn 2023 did not disappoint. The traditional gala dinner proved to be an unforgettable evening filled with delicious cuisine and captivating music. It served as the perfect conclusion to a highly successful and eventful conference, surrounded by both newfound friends and familiar faces.


For the EyeQuestion team, Pangborn 2023 marked an extraordinary journey. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to engage with the sensory and consumer science community, showcase our innovations, and absorb the wisdom of the brilliant minds in attendance. As we look back on this exceptional event, we eagerly anticipate a promising future for our field, one driven by collaboration, innovation, and the valuable connections we forged at Pangborn 2023.