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EyeQuestion App: a Game-Changer for Panellist Engagement

In the ever-evolving landscape of sensory and consumer research, engaging with panellists effectively is key to gathering valuable insights. That is where the EyeQuestion App steps in, transforming the way our clients interact with their panellists and enhancing the overall research experience.



At EyeQuestion, we understand the importance of seamless communication between our clients and their panellists. That is why we have developed the EyeQuestion App, a powerful tool designed to streamline the process of notifying panelists about upcoming surveys, particularly beneficial for Home Use Tests (HUT). This innovative app not only simplifies communication but also offers numerous advantages for both panel managers and panellists.

Key features and benefits

  1. Take control of your research schedule
    With the EyeQuestion App, you can define specific timeframes during which panellists can access and complete surveys. This ensures that panellists remain engaged within the intended research timeline.
  2. Streamlined notifications
    The EyeQuestion App acts as a direct channel for sending notifications to panellists.
    When a new study is ready, panellists receive prompt alerts, eliminating the risk of missed opportunities.
  3. Questionnaires on own device
    With the EyeQuestion App, panellist can effortlessly download and access the questionnaires via the EyeQuestion App on their own device.
  4. Panellist convenience
    Once connected with their unique code, panellists no longer need to worry about checking emails or logging into accounts. All information is in one place, simplifying their participation experience.

Engage, Communicate, and Elevate Your Research

The EyeQuestion App is more than just a communication tool; it is a game-changer in the world of sensory and consumer research. It empowers our clients to engage with their panellists effectively, ensuring they are well-informed about upcoming studies and easy access to questionnaires. By simplifying panellist communication, this innovative app unlocks the potential for more accurate data collection and a smoother research process.


Get in touch with us to explore the transformative possibilities of the EyeQuestion App and take your sensory and consumer research to the next level. Your panelists will thank you for it, and your research will benefit from increased engagement and participation. 

Contact our friendly Support team to advise you on the set up of the EyeQuestion App or read more about the EyeQuestion App here.