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Insights of Nordic Sensory Workshop

Welcome to our blog post where we share our incredible experience at the Nordic Sensory Workshop held on April 25th and 26th, 2023. This dynamic event took place at the Danish Technological Institute, located in the charming town of Taastrup, just outside the vibrant city of Copenhagen.


The Nordic Sensory Workshop brought together a passionate community of sensory and consumer scientists, product developers, and other experts from the Nordic countries. The primary objective was to exchange the latest research insights and foster meaningful connections.

Nordic Sensory workshop 2023

The overarching theme of the workshop was “From idea to consumption” with a strong emphasis on sustainability. During the workshop we explored how sensory and consumer science can effectively bridge the gap between research, industry, and consumers. One key aspect discussed was consumer-driven innovation, where consumers and stakeholders are actively involved in the entire product development process. 


By understanding consumers and their needs, relevant R&D programs can be created, product developments validated, and consumer preference demonstrated. Co-creation workshops, focus group interviews, and home use tests were highlighted as effective tools for testing new recipes and engaging consumers. Consumer-driven innovation offers numerous benefits including:

  • relevance
  • speed
  • insights
  • creativity
  • impact


However, it’s important to acknowledge limitations such as budget constraints, biases, time limitations, and reaching the appropriate target group. Interestingly, we foresee that advancements in AI will expedite tasks like transcribing interviews, making them more efficient in the near future.


In addition to attending insightful presentations, we had the pleasure of setting up our booth, where we connected with clients and showcased EyeQuestion to the enthusiastic participants. Moreover, we had the opportunity to savor delicious Danish cuisine during the conference dinner. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Danish Technological Institute for organizing the Nordic Sensory Workshop and eagerly look forward to future gatherings.