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Kraft Heinz Excursion

On the 23rd of May the MOA (Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics) organized the first excursion of 2019, held at Kraft Heinz, Nijmegen. Around 25 people participated in this event, after we received drinks and got a general introduction with peers, Mr. Dick van Olderen formally started the event with a presentation about the company, brands, its core values, community involvement and their corporate social responsibility. Mr. van Olderen has been working with Heinz for the past 30 years and has a rich experience in formulating business cases. He is actively involved in collaborating with universities and research agencies to fuel innovation and meet consumer demands.

Kraft Heinz, Nijmegen.

The tour followed with a  presentation by Jaime Sauret and  the topic was focused on sensory research carried out in Heinz. It was very informative to us as we learned which sensory test are being used by Heinz and their experience with descriptive tests and other methods. After the presentation, a guided tour of the building was organized. The infrastructure of the building was really impressive and the highlight of this building is its ‘’Wall of Fame’’ which had inspiring quotes from Mr. H.J Heinz, iconic product images and a portrait of Mr.Heinz built using tomato seeds.

Wall of Fame, interior Kraft Heinz, Nijmegen

We also had the opportunity to view the sensory labs (booths, preparation area and kitchen), microbiological and analytical labs. These labs were equipped with the latest equipments like texture analyser, GC-MS, eNose etc. to support high quality research at Heinz.

After our tour, a taste session was organized. We got to taste ketchup with different flavors and other sauces. Everybody seemed excited for this segment and shared their thoughts on the products.

Finally, the event came to an end and we got an opportunity to interact with our clients to know their experience with our software. It was really encouraging and satisfying to get kind and supportive comments from them.

Next year, EyeQuestion will collaborate with MOA to organize an excursion. We look forward to your participation!