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Marketing Insights Event (MIE) 2019

After a busy start of the new year we had the opportunity to be inspired by 2300 marketing professionals during the MIE event; the biggest marketing insights event of the Netherlands. 


The MIE event had a spectacular start at Kinepolis (the biggest cinema in the Netherlands) where after a countdown on screen the audience was blown away with some really nice introduction videos of some of the exhibitors. We are still in doubt whether Morgan Freeman really did a voice-over in the first video.

After this great introduction the event was opened by Wim van Slooten, director of the MOA, Expertise Center for Marketing Insights. During the event many lectures could be attended with topics about Artificial Intelligence, Data visualization, Neuromarketing, Customer Experience, Online Communities and many more. Luckily we had time to visit some of the interesting presentations. However, with so many talks and only two days the choice which presentations to attend was rather difficult. 


We attended a presentation about Smart homes where a smart device (such as a Google Home or Amazons Alexa) was able to control all sorts of devices such as your front door, a music device, a fireplace, a coffee machine etc. There are a lot of benefits to linking all your devices together though we do have some privacy concerns about where the data is stored and with whom it is shared. We also learned a lot from the data visualization presentations, some great ideas have been shown to present all kind of data.



During the event we shared a booth with one of our first customers Essensor.
We would like to take this opportinity to congratulate Essensor with their new branding!