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EyeQuestion 4.10 Released!

We are already one month into the new year and things are looking promising for 2018. After a short break during the Christmas holidays we are back with renewed effort for the upcoming year. We will continue to improve as well as expand our software, starting with the release of 4.10 of the EyeQuestion Suite.

This version has two new features which we believe will be very helpful in the creation of your questionnaires, beginning with the addition of question conditions. Question conditions work the same way as screen conditions, which can be used to display a certain screen based on a previously given answer. Instead of whole screens being presented based on a previous given question and subsequent answer, individual questions can now be displayed based on a previously given answer. We believe this new option gives the user much more flexibility when creating questionnaires.


 Another major addition is the new wheel editor. About a year ago we created an early version of this editor, but this was still an early build which could be improved. We decided to go back to the drawing table and completely revamp how it works, resulting in a very user-friendly interface from which custom wheels can be created.

Other minor improvements in 4.10 include the adjustable size of the buttons in TDS, TOS and TCATA question types and the option to have a separate Start and Stop button.

We have also added a ‘disable’ option which can be used in the item value which will disable a user-specified answer option.

By re-configuring an existing option in the matrix questiontype, we have made it possible for users to have a multi leveled matrix question to be used with samples. Simple select the regular matrix question type, set it to be a combo type, enable multi sample option and you will have the option to have more then one level in your matrix.

When EyeQuestion 4 was released, we quickly added the option to add custom colors to products. These colors will now also be exported to the EyeOpenR Excel data export. Another improvement was done on the design generator by adding the option to select a Random Balanced Blocks design, which can be used to randomize products when generating your custom balanced blocks design.

Work was also done on refining the Product and Attribute Database based on feedback we received from early adopters of this version. We will continue the work on these feature and hope to have a fully operational Central Database when 4.11 is released.