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Pangborn 2017 Recap

After a long week in the United States we are glad to be back in the Netherlands and are hoping to enjoy the remainder of the summer before the inevitable rainy weather pops up again. Our trip to the 12th Pangborn Conference was a success, as we got to showcase EyeQuestion VR, our Data Dashboard and enjoy the company of our colleagues from both the sensory and statistical world. This years edition was the busiest conference thus far with over 1000 delegates. This was especially evident when everyone went outside to watch the solar eclipse.

For us it was a busy time as we had our own booth to manage, as well as a lot of other exciting booths to visit. Apart from that, there were quite a few interesting presentations being held so, as always during these symposiums, we wish we had some more time. Luckily we had plenty of opportunities to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones as there were also some additional activities organised in the later hours of the day.


We had our own user meeting the Sunday prior to the start of the conference. During the EyeQuestion User Meeting, which is organized before every major sensory symposium, we were able to share all the latest developments and catch up in person with a few of our valued customers. Users from all over the world were able to attend the user meeting and share their experiences with each other. Starting off with a bite to eat, we quickly got started to present new features of our EyeQuestion Suite. Always the perfect start to an exciting conference.

One of the things we showed is our new Virtual Reality module where you can add a 360 image in the background and place items on it that you can choose by looking at the item.

We finished the meeting by taking a 360 image of the usermeeting.

Click here to view the social media summary of the Pangborn conference, thanks to the European Sensory Network.

Whilst one part of our team was visiting lovely Providence, the other part was hard at work in finishing our new version of the EyeQuestion Suite, 4.7 as well as laying the groundwork for our future big update. 4.7 will see a few improvements in EyeQuestion as well as EyeOpenR.

An alarm will now be played when the wait time has finished, this is of course an optional option in our wait settings.


 We have also made our conditions overview a bit clearer as an indication has now been added if a condition is no longer valid. The option to add a back button to a single screen has been added, which will display the back button on pre-selected screens solely. Another useful addition is the selection of a timezone in the EyeQuestion settings, which allows the project manager to select the timezone when sending out invitations to the panel. We have also expanded the amount of placeholders by adding placeholders that show the contents of one or multiple bins, used in a Tetrad test for example, as well as displaying values of samples when a multisample design is used.

The visual side of EyeQuestion has also been updated as custom CSS is now possible with the new interface. We will have to slighly adjust any existing CSS files that were previously used in combination with the Classic interface, so this might be the perfect chance to take another look at your CSS and improve it. Another visual option we have added is the amount of colors that are available to customize your default EyeQuestion questionnaire layout.

One of the more visual appealing new options we have added is the addtion of a 3D PCA plot in EyeOpenR, which will allow the user to scroll through the PCA plot, adding a new dimension in visual data analysis.