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Roadmap 2024: Enhancements and Innovations Ahead


As we step into a new year, we are excited to unveil the roadmap for EyeQuestion in 2024. With a strong focus on enhancing user experience, introducing new features, and embracing innovative technology, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions to our valued clients. 

Let’s dive into what is in store for you:

General updates

API Enhancements

We are proud to announce the official release of our API, accompanied by a transparent pricing model and a comprehensive list of endpoints. Additionally, we will outline our long-term API roadmap, providing you with insights into upcoming developments and integrations.

Interface improvements

Project templates

Our revamped interface will feature visually intuitive project templates, streamlining your workflow and making EyeQuestion even more user-friendly.

Theme customisation

Personalise your experience with ease by selecting and creating themes for the questionnaire  aiming to enhance visualisation and user engagement.

Feature enhancements

Panel management

We are expanding panel management within EyeQuestion, marking a significant step towards phasing out our advanced panel management tool EyeContact. 

AI-Assisted Data Cleaning

Elevate your data cleaning process in EyeQuestion with AI-powered enhancements. Explore new options and functionalities aimed at improving efficiency and accuracy.

R Shiny Dashboard Integration

Introducing a dynamic R Shiny platform to build default or custom EyeQuestion dashboards. Our goal is to offer a seamless alternative to our Excel Autoreport’s, empowering you with enhanced visualisation and analysis capabilities.

Integration capabilities

LIMS API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) using our dedicated API endpoints. From project creation to data extraction and analysis, we have got you covered, ensuring smooth interoperability and data flow.

Innovative Solutions

AI Assistant Remark Labelling

Experience the future of qualitative data labeling with our AI-powered Remark Labelling feature. Building on sensory attributes, we are finalising the first release of this groundbreaking innovation, promising enhanced efficiency and accuracy in data interpretation.

With a dedicated commitment to innovation and client satisfaction, EyeQuestion aims to redefine your research experience in 2024. Stay tuned as we roll out these exciting updates and continue our journey towards excellence in sensory and consumer research. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we shape the future of our software together.