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Release of Version 5.2

We are very pleased to announce release of EyeQuestion version 5.2.
In this article we will share the improvements and new features available in the latest version.

New features

Reward management

This functionality allows the user to grant and pay rewards to panellists from an EyeQuestion questionnaire. The user can setup reward criteria in the project settings so panellists who qualify the criteria are eligible for the reward. The qualified panellists can be granted and paid directly from the project or the user can pay them after a certain period of time depending upon their workflow.

Image 1. Reward management


Search box in the Questions folder

To make it easier for a user to find the desired question from the “add questions” folder, a search box has been added. The user can type the search keyword(s) and EyeQuestion will display the questions matching the keyword(s).

Image 2. Search box in Questions folder
Warning message for skipping a non-mandatory question

In order to avoid panellists skipping the non-mandatory questions by mistake, a project manager can enable the new screen setting “submit warning” and a warning message is displayed when a panellist skips the non-mandatory question. After reading the warning message, a panellist can still continue with the questionnaire without answering the non-mandatory question.

Image 3. Warning message for skipping a non-mandatory question

If you would like to update your system to the latest version, please contact our support team at [email protected]


We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding these new feature and improvements.