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What we see for 2021

With most people staying indoors in 2020 and still partially in 2021, our focus has shifted to ensure that both users and panellist – who are working from home and potentially on their own devices – are able to use EyeQuestion Software in the most efficient way. Improvements in mobile responsiveness and the addition of SMS and WhatsApp integration will be features we will be looking to add soon to make communication with panelists that much easier.

What do we have planned?

Live Data Reporting Tool 

Users can view the progress of project with the Live Data Reporting Tool, allowing category-based answers to be presented in an easy to view table. This tool can be used to monitor responses from sessions. Sharing the data with non-EyeQuestion users can be easily done by sending them an e-mail directly from this tool. 

Monitor the responses of category questions from sessions
Shelf-Life Management

Using our dedicated shelf-life management option, clients can conduct shelf-life testing to measure how a product changes as it ages. Samples are created from products found in your Product Database and evaluation timepoints can be created right away. When a shelf-life sample is due to be evaluated, the user will be notified as such. These samples can be analyzed later through the Central Database by using the appropriate filters or a single Shelf-Life sample report can be generated.

Due samples can be added or overwritten when editing the products

Later this year...

Remark Segregation & Analysis

The Remark Segregation is a very efficient and useful tool for defining and transforming open text responses into workable data. Read through responses and label them into categories, allowing them to be presented in clear visual graphs, such as a pie chart or bar chart.


Training Management

There are two types of training modules available: user and panelist. Users can be trained for templates to create projects using the templates for which they received training. Panelists can be trained for products from the Product Database.


Notification Centre

Always wanted to get an alert when a user is locked? Or when a project’s end date is near? The Notification Centre is a central place where users can manage both user and panelist notifications, which will in turn be sent by e-mail, text message or displayed in the application itself. 


Activity Dashboard

The Activity Dashboard will allow users to monitor the activity of their EyeQuestion environment by displaying the number of responses collected in the certain timeframe as well as the number of active users. This simple but effective dashboard will give users the ability to view how their users and panelists are using the application.

Our manual will be updated to provide more details about the features as they are released.
If you have questions or feedback on these additional features, feel free to contact our friendly Support team.