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Software as a Service (SaaS)

At the end of the millennium, using software to collect data for sensory research became very common. The possibility to collect data on paper was still there but digitizing the process ensured a much less time-consuming activity. Companies would buy or rent software that would have to be installed on each computer that would act as either a booth or a workstation.

The introduction of EyeQuestion coincided with the increasing popularity of cable internet in the early 2000’s. Similar sensory software packages that were available at the time all needed to be installed On-premises. EyeQuestion was the first Sensory- and Research software solution completely accessible from a browser. The possibility of a fast and stable internet connection for the mainstream audience and a solution like EyeQuestion would mean that every user with internet access would be able to run the software.

SaaS, or Software as a Service, gives a user access to the software without ownership. Access is given to users using a cloud connection which can be a private, public or a hybrid cloud solution. The software is housed on a server which is maintained by the vendor. SaaS is also known as on-demand software, which implies that it is seen as an online service that the user is renting via a subscription model.

SaaS has a few advantages over its On-premises counterpart solution:

  • It can save money: the implementation of On-premises software can be a costly operation. The required resources for creating and maintaining a secure and reliable infrastructure to run the software are often underestimated. In turn costs would be higher than outsourcing this to the vendor who has running the software for clients as its core business.
  • More secure: hosting a solution yourself has its challenges regarding security. Especially when you want to connect your system to the Internet. SaaS vendors like EyeQuestion are ISO 27001 certified and specialised in supplying a secure service over the Internet using a secure infrastructure which does not endanger the network and systems of their clients at all.
  • Better accessibility: only an internet connection, a browser and login is required to connect to your online environment. This means the user doesn’t need access to your company network and users or panelists can use the system on any device at any location.
  • Easy to manage: SaaS applications are completely managed by the vendor or SaaS hoster, in fact customers do not have to worry at all about the implementation of management tasks and responsibilities. Service-level agreements (SLAs) govern the quality, availability and support commitments the provider makes to the subscriber. All the IT tasks related to an On-premises system like updating are completely the responsibility of the vendor.
  • No additional costs; the subscription price is all-inclusive – there are no extra costs needed for internal IT personnel, hardware set up, maintenance, server costs and external security assessments. This is all included in the subscription price and it also includes general support and maintenance. Furthermore, the subscription fees are predictable so users know what to expect every month/year.

If you require more information about the SaaS options available for the EyeQuestion Software Suite, please do not hesitate to contact us.