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EyeQuestion 4.11 Released!

4.11 of the EyeQuestion Software Suite has been released!

A considerable amount of effort for 4.11 has gone into making this version of our software GDPR compatible. While a lot of work has been done in the way data is being processed in the background, certain tools have been added in the interface to make sure the users of our software will have an easy transition into the post-GDPR world.

One of the additions to EyeQuestion 4.11 is the option to include a default consent form, which the user will have to accept before being logging in. Visibility of consent that has already been given, or needs to be given again, is added in the form of a TRUE/FALSE dropdown on each user’s personal page. Project Managers can indicate per individual user if consent is necessary, has already been given or needs to be given again. This can also be done using a batch-import to take care of your whole panelist database in one go. 

We have also added the option to add a placeholder to the e-mail footer that gives panelists the option to remove their account from the database. The placeholder to unsubscribe from the mailing list was already present in the default footer. Probably the biggest addition in 4.11 in regards to GDPR is the option to flag certain user specified questions as being sensitive. Sensitive questions can be flagged by the project manager so that they will automatically be anonymised when the project is archived or if the user is removed from the database. Flagging a question is done in the project interface using the Sensitivity drop down. Currently there are three options for flagging sensitive questions : Personal, Financial and Medical.

When a project has one or more questions that have been flagged, it will be indicated by a [S] in the question overview and a  icon in the project tree overview. An additional icon has been added to indicate that the project is a screener (by having Register enabled in the project settings).

Another new option is the single user data export option, found in the user management tab. Project managers have the option to download personal as well as data that has been flagged as being sensitive from each individual user using a single user export button.

Since most of the development time was given to GDPR related issues, smaller but hopefully useful improvements in 4.11 are related to existing questiontypes. We have expanded the amount of customizable visual options in regards to items in various questiontypes, making it possible to change the background color and hover for example. An improvement to the Ranking on a Line questiontype was added as it now has the option to increase or decrease its size. Wheel and Tree questions have been given the option to add a default value. This value will be stored if an attribute has not been not selected by the panelist. For EyeOpenR, we have added the option to remove the lines and color in a penalty plot and as well as the option to adjust the y- and x-axis.