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Sensory product evaluations enhance consumer product perception.  Consumers rely on our clients to make life more: healthy, safe, appetizing, rewarding, or simply a little bit better. They trust our clients to continuously improve their consumer goods and that’s the why of  EyeQuestion. 

Sensory product evaluation is performed on colour, taste, smell and structure by consumers and/or a trained panel as well as for quality control and sensory product development. Which makes EyeQuestion the secret ingredient behind most consumer goods.

Our ingredients allowing some of the biggest brands worldwide to innovate faster and smarter. 

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Hundreds of the world’s leading organisations work with EyeQuestion to improve their products. For over two decades, EyeQuestion has been at the forefront of innovation, developing the world’s first web application software for Sensory and Consumer Research back in 2001.

Our software is used in over 30 countries around the world by thousands of users. We have provided these organisations with all the tools required to conduct their Sensory and Consumer Research and at the same time have long-term collaborations with them to further develop our software based on specific customer needs as well as anticipating market needs and new technologies.