EyeQuestion’s Advanced Panel management module, EyeContact, is a powerful panel management application for Sensory and Consumer Research. It provides a platform to fully manage your sensory panels for all types of research projects using information collected from and projects created with EyeQuestion. Having a user friendly and intuitive web Interface, EyeContact enables you to quickly and easily build a panel based on panellist category information and schedule individual panellist appointments in one or more test locations.


Create dynamic panels using previously collected panellist data, such as  demographic or product use information. Using the EyeContact panellist portal, consumers can update their own personal information which will be reflected in dynamically updated panels. By recording panellists activity history, users are able to filter their panels based on previous attendance, preventing that the same panellists are selected over and over again.


In most cases projects will require specific panel filters or advanced quotas. With EyeContact you can set these filters and quotas and accordingly recruit panellists by screening them by phone or by using a online web screener which has been created in EyeQuestion. During this process recruiters can gather extra demographic or product information if necessary. Project manager can monitor the recruitment progress and see if quotas are met and jump in if necessary.


Once a panellist is considered suitable based on the projects requirements, the system will present all available time slots and seats at a certain location for the specific project. Panellists can schedule a suitable date and time and receive a confirmation afterwards. If a time slot is full, panelists can select if they would like to be placed on a reserve list in case a spot opens up. Project managers can keep track of test schedules and manage cancellations and absence as well as send out reminders to panelists based on their current project status.


Set up reward and reward types for created EyeContact projects that can be assigned, granted or rejected to participants. Projects managers are able to export rewards based on grant date, reward type, reward status and panel in order to have an clear overview of their reward expenditure.

Panel Web Portal

Panellists can use the web portal to log in and update their personal information, check upcoming appointments or schedule a new one and view their reward account. EyeContacts web portal can be fully customized in order to match your own corporate look and feel.

Advanced Panel Management

EyeContact is the perfect fit to use with EyeQuestion in order to fully manage your panels and maintain all required relevant demographic or product information about your internally trained and/or external consumer panellists.

  • Register activity, absence and incentives
  • Create your own Panellists Web Portal
  • Send out invitation and reminders e-mails
  • Use EyeQuestion created projects and data
  • Use EyeContact panels in EyeQuestion
  • Manage unsubscribes
  • Link panelists with each other based on their relationship
  • Specify fixed panelist unavailability based on date and day

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