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Manage your panel database by using EyeQuestion’s panel management module, EyeContact®. EyeContact® is a panel management system for both sensory and consumer research and is fully integrated with EyeQuestion®  EyeContact® enables you to quickly and easily build a panel and schedule individual panelist appointments in one or more test locations. EyeContact® can be used to create advanced filters for your panels, assign categories to your panelists and invite panelists using email, call recruitment or by means of a personalized portal in which the panelists can schedule their own date and time. EyeContact® is used to fully manage your panelist database, giving the user more possibilities to organize and maintain their company’s sensory testing schedule. EyeContact® provides your company with a browser based panel management tool, that can be used anywhere, anytime.

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Both EyeQuestion® and EyeContact® have the ability to generate customize reports. EyeQuestion® offers the option to create and generate autoreports based on the users analytical needs. Autoreports can be customized by EyeQuestion® Software in both Word and Excel format, with the additional option to create your own Word autoreport using the autoreport editor. Autoreports can be fully customized to included the analytical options and visual additions of your choice. EyeContact® autoreports are available on order, making it possible to get a complete overview of your monthy, yearly or even daily sensory scheduling overview.