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Our easy to use interface will allow you to quickly design, deploy and analyze your projects. Use one of our default templates or create your very own easy-to-access library to fulfill your testing needs. In-home testing for consumers is made as easy as possible with only an internet connection and browser necessary. See the results accumulate in real-time as respondents all over the world are filling out your company’s questionnaires. After data has been collected a fast analysis  is just a click away by clicking on our Word or Excel autoreport generator. Autoreports can be customized in both Word and Excel format, with the additional option to create your own Word autoreport using the autoreport editor. Autoreports can be fully customized to included the analytical options and visual additions of your choice. These reports are based on a custom company style template, a specific rule set and, if necessary, custom analyses. This allows our customers to create the reports they need within minutes after finishing the data collection. The software comes pre-loaded with a standard Word autoreport, containing the following analysis :


Default Word AutoreportThe default Autoreport (Word) includes the following analysis (depending if they are triggered) :

– Frequency

– Descriptives

– Remarks

– Ranking

– Triangle

– Tetrad

– Two out of Five

– Duo Trio

– A/Not A

– Simple difference test

– Paired Comparison

– ANOVA with Tukey Posthoc


– Spiderplot



EyeOpenR_copyrightUse EyeOpenR® (or EyeOpenR Pro) to get your results fast. Our analytical tool can be accessed directly from projects in EyeQuestion®, where the user can quicky run one or more analyses on their data. EyeOpenR®’s user friendly wizard will guide you through the different analysis options that are available for your specific dataset. Results are presented using tables and flexible charts. Results from your analysis can be exported to various formats including Excel, Powerpoint and Word. After exporting your results charts will remain editable. A free trail can be requested here.



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