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Create visually stimulating questionnaires for in-home use by using images, movies and interactive questiontypes such as napping, binning and a virtual shopping shelve. Questionnaires can be easily dispersed by e-mail to reach out the maximum amount of home consumers for your testing needs or to invite panelists to your company’s sensory lab. EyeQuestion® has the possibility to create, save and edit your panel. Advanced panel management is possible with EyeContact®, which provides a full featured and customizable Panel Management & Recruitment system. EyeContact® works alongside EyeQuestion® so that panelists can be automatically recruited into the database through an online questionnaire and their data stored to be used for later specific panel selections. Panelists can be monitored and given awards based on their active participation, while panelists can participate in online questionnaires by receiving email invites or logging in to their personal portal and self-scheduling their appointments. Use EyeContact® to create your panels and distribute your correspondence filtered with category specific quota’s such as age, gender, allergy and other user created categories.


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