EyeQuestion Data collection is the only full-featured application for both sensory and consumer based research. Companies that do central location sensory testing and/or consumer online testing only require one single system that serves all. EyeQuestion was developed on modern standard technologies, applying the insights of highly experienced sensory and consumer researchers and thereby removing the limitations that older systems held. Our innovative EyeQuestion software has become a system that meets all modern requirements regarding user friendliness, integration, security and flexibility.

Creating Questionnaires

Creating questionnaires is easy. You are free to create any kind of questionnaire you want. With or without experimental designs, simple or complex, sensory or consumer. To give you a head start, EyeQuestion provides an extensive library of Sensory and Consumer test templates. Its user friendliness will make your system more accessible to new users. At the same time its power will enable you to meet the requirements you always had, but were never met.

Experimental Designs

Using experimental designs is crucial for Sensory or product based research. EyeQuestion provides a powerful design generator that can produce almost every design you require.

Multi-Channel Data Collection

EyeQuestion supports multi-channel data collection. This means you can run the same questionnaires in the booths of your test lab (CLT), by e-mail on the Internet, on your companies Intranet, on an offline laptop, on a mobile device or distribute them as a scannable paper ballots. All at the same time. During a test you can monitor its progress and prepare or distribute samples based on live information on your Sample Distribution Screen or Food Preparation Screen.

Data Analysis

Collected data can be exported to different formats like Excel, SPSS or SAS. Or generate a default or customised report containing the results of your project in your corporate report style. For further detailed analysis you can start EyeOpenR.


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