Oct 07

Eurosense 2016

User Meeting After a long trip from Holland to the east of France, we unpacked our bags and were already preparing for the user meeting, which was held on Sunday at the Hotel Mercure Dijon Centre Clemenceau. The hotel was the venue of our first EyeQuestion user meeting of 2016.... read more →
Aug 19

Sensometrics by the Sea 2016

Between the 25th and 29th of July, we were visiting beautiful Brighton where the 2016 edition of Sensometrics was held at the Jurys Inn Waterfront. Sensometrics is a conference that brings together psychologists, sensory scientists and market researchers all involved in sensory and consumer sciences.   We were welcomed by... read more →
Jun 20

Understanding Consumers : Preference, Expectations and Emotions

During the 8th and 10th of June, the Italian Sensory Science Society held a course that featured recent advances in cognitive psychology applied to sensory and consumer studies. Since the course was partially accommodated by the University of Florence, the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo in lovely Florence was the venue of the three day... read more →
Jun 11

E3S Symposium

This year, the Netherlands had the privilege to organize the 5th E3S Symposium entitled 'Thinking out of the box: Sensory Present & Future'. For those of you that are not familiar with E3S, this is the European Sensory Science Society (E3S). This is a nonprofit organization devoted to promote cooperation,... read more →
Jun 06

SenseAsia 2016

Between the 15th and 17th of May the second Asian Sensory and Consumer research symposium was held in Shanghai. Of course, we were very pleased to have yet another excuse to visit this wonderful coastal city. Following our last visit, which was held in Singapore in 2014, we had high... read more →
May 20

New Features, New Look & Feel

At EyeQuestion® Software we keep up with the current trends in sensory and consumer research. This means a steady improvement in existing questions types and the addition of new ones. For example measuring time can now also be done using a Temporal Order of Sensations (TOS) question type as well as a Temporal Click All That... read more →
Apr 20

European Sensory Network Seminar 2016

On the 16th of April EyeQuestion was present in Vienna to participate in the European Sensory Network's seminar Digital Tools: How to use immersive virtual reality and smartphone applications to understand consumers´experience. During our presentation, after giving a short introduction of our company, the focus was on our EyeQuestion Mobile... read more →
Apr 02

Crystal Anniversary!

This month EyeQuestion has its 15th anniversary! Fifteen years ago Rignald Span and Gerben Ernst started out creating software for all interested parties on a job to job basis. With a dire need to work independently, they quickly found out that being your own boss was hard work. Now all these... read more →
Sep 07

Pangborn 2015 with Live Voting

Last week, 5 members of our team visited the 11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Sweden. Congratulations to the organizing committee! It was a very well organized conference. We all had a great and interesting time in beautiful Gothenburg. In our booth we had to opportunity to talk to a... read more →