Jan 10

EyeOpenR® as a Service(SaaS)

For years, EyeOpenR® has been an integral part of the EyeQuestion® Suite. We have and are continously improving our analytical tool to make sure it meets industry standards.  EyeOpenR® is included in every version of the EyeQuestion® Suite. From 2018, EyeOpenR® can also be rented standalone as a SAAS solution. About... read more →
Dec 22

EyeOpenR end of year additions

Did you know that users have the option to run two default autoreports in EyeQuestion, based on the analytical tools from EyeOpenR. Depending on the type of collected data, both default autoreports have a number of analyses available. Whilst the Word autoreport uses EyeOpeneR Classic to analyse and print the... read more →
Dec 01

EyeQuestion Academic

Starting from December 1st, educational institutions will have the option to subscribe to EyeQuestion Academic, a new service in using our sensory software suite to benefit and enrich their educational curriculum.   EyeQuestion Academic is a brand new license for non-commercial use and academic research, specifically created for educational institutions. Our... read more →
Nov 16

VR Dining Experience

The emergence of VR in the world of sensory science has been evident for the past few years. Examples being the more frequent use of a virtual supermarket to conduct consumer research and our very own development of EyeQuestion VR which will make it possible to conduct virtual questionnaires. VR Solutions,... read more →
Oct 16

Our afternoon at IFF

EyeQuestion has been a member of the Dutch Department of Sensory Research for quite some time, which is a department of the Center for Marketing Insight, Research and Analytics, also known as the MOA. Being a member allows us to go to consumer and sensory related meetings twice a year,... read more →
Oct 11

EyeQuestion 4.8

Additional admin options have been added to version 4.8 of the software suite where system administrators can enable or disable the option to lock users from editing an project if a user is already working on it. The 'read-only' mode will be indicated by a grey color and 'read-only' icon.... read more →
Sep 12

EyeQuestion on location with the Sensobox

One of the most challenging aspects of sensory evaluation is creating a large and consistent consumer panelist database. This can be a time consuming and costly process as you would need a large enough demographic area in order to fill out your consumer panels. Making the most out of social... read more →
Aug 30

Pangborn 2017 Recap

After a long week in the United States we are glad to be back in the Netherlands and are hoping to enjoy the remainder of the summer before the inevitable rainy weather pops up again. Our trip to the 12th Pangborn Conference was a success, as we got to showcase... read more →
Aug 18

EyeQuestion and Virtual Reality

When we started our company some 16 years ago and were in the process of naming our software, we tried to create a name that would immediately cover the market that we were trying to make our name in ; Sensory and Research. The research part was easy as that... read more →
Jun 23