Aug 31

The Scent of Summer of ’18

After a record breaking hot summer, where we experienced two heatwaves, it seems the autumn is starting to show itself as temperatures have been dwindling the past few weeks. Those who have not left the Netherlands for their yearly summer holiday were working, in the comfort of the air conditioning... read more →
Jul 10

Summer Activities

With the Dutch not participating in the World Cup our office can completely focus on the further development of our software suite. With the release of 4.11 behind us, we are already looking forward to the next installment of EyeQuestion. The main focus in 4.12 will be the improvement of... read more →
May 25

The 17th Nordic Workshop in Sensory Science: Making Sense

A small but enthusiastic group of industry professionals and scientists from the Nordic countries gathered in Reykjavik for the 17th Nordic Workshop in Sensory Science. As one of the main sponsors of this workshop we were present as well. The Nordic Workshop is a reoccurring event which focuses on scientific... read more →
May 14

EyeQuestion 4.11 Released!

4.11 of the EyeQuestion Software Suite has been released! A considerable amount of effort for 4.11 has gone into making this version of our software GDPR compatible. While a lot of work has been done in the way data is being processed in the background, certain tools have been added... read more →
Apr 26

GDPR & the EyeQuestion Suite

In roughly one month privacy compliance is about to significantly change as the GDPR will come into fruition on the 25th of May. This regulation is the culmination of four years of efforts in order to update data protection for the foreseeable future. In order to give a better understanding... read more →
Mar 30

EyeQuestion and Augmented Reality

The last few years progression has been made regarding the use of Virtual Reality in the field of consumer and sensory research. Within our own company, this has been evident in us by presenting an early version of EyeQuestion VR during Pangborn in 2015, us visiting the VR symposium last... read more →
Mar 19

Tasty tomatoes from the greenhouse

On Tuesday the 6th of March the first MOA excursion of 2018 took place in Bleiswijk as we were invited to visit WUR Greenhouse Horticulture, whom also happen to be one of our customers. The Greenhouse Horticulture business unit is over 7500 square meters and is divided into around ninety... read more →
Jan 31

EyeQuestion 4.10 Released!

We are already one month into the new year and things are looking promising for 2018. After a short break during the Christmas holidays we are back with renewed effort for the upcoming year. We will continue to improve as well as expand our software, starting with the release of... read more →
Jan 10

EyeOpenR® as a Service(SaaS)

For years, EyeOpenR® has been an integral part of the EyeQuestion® Suite. We have and are continously improving our analytical tool to make sure it meets industry standards.  EyeOpenR® is included in every version of the EyeQuestion® Suite. From 2018, EyeOpenR® can also be rented standalone as a SAAS solution. About... read more →
Dec 22

EyeOpenR end of year additions

Did you know that users have the option to run two default autoreports in EyeQuestion, based on the analytical tools from EyeOpenR. Depending on the type of collected data, both default autoreports have a number of analyses available. Whilst the Word autoreport uses EyeOpeneR Classic to analyse and print the... read more →