Aug 14

Pangborn Edinburgh 2019

While the Netherlands was experiencing a heat wave with temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celcius we were more than happy to go to  Scotland, where the temperature was slightly lower, to attend the 13th Pangborn conference. Our team of 6 arrived safely on Saturday morning and had some time to... read more →
Jul 26

Prepared for the future

With temperatures in the Netherlands reaching record heights and the Pangborn conference right around the corner, we are finishing up on EyeQuestion 5 and looking forward to what the rest of 2019 and 2020 will bring us. Apart from our software development, we have also expanded our office space by... read more →
Jun 03

Kraft Heinz Excursion

On the 23rd of May the MOA (Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics) organized the first excursion of 2019, held at Kraft Heinz, Nijmegen. Around 25 people participated in this event, after we received drinks and got a general introduction with peers, Mr. Dick van Olderen formally started... read more →
May 24

Qi Colloquium

The first ever edition of the Qi Colloquium was held on Thursday May 16th. Hosted by our statistical partners at Qi Statistics, we were pleased to visit the beautiful town of Windsor for this conference. The colloquium was a great opportunity to catch up with the entire Qi team. The... read more →
Mar 27

EyeQuestion Panel Management

Using EyeQuestion, the option to use panels was always somewhat limited. Customers who have our EyeContact module have the option to create and manage advanced panels and have advanced panelist management options. We are happy to announce that in EyeQuestion 5, our basic panel management options have become more advanced... read more →
Mar 21

Marketing Insights Event (MIE) 2019

After a busy start of the new year we had the opportunity to be inspired by 2300 marketing professionals during the MIE event; the biggest marketing insights event of the Netherlands. The MIE event had a spectacular start at Kinepolis (the biggest cinema in the Netherlands) where after a countdown... read more →
Dec 28

2018 Recap

It is almost the end of yet another calendar year, what better time is there to look back at what has happened and to take a sneak peak forward to what is coming up. We started 2018 by releasing 4.10 of our software suite, which main additions were the Attribute... read more →
Dec 24

Meet Our Support Team

Many of you have been in contact with our support team during the last couple of years. Until 4 years ago we did not have a dedicated support team as support was being delivered by multiple team members who were answering your e-mails and calls as an additional task. Because... read more →
Dec 20

A Christmas Dinner through the Ages

It's that time of the year already...the first snow has arrived in the Netherlands, but unfortunately we do not expect a white Christmas. Our office for the last month has been decorated with a lovely Christmas tree and outside many houses are displaying their yearly ornaments. Christmas is a time... read more →
Oct 04

2018 Conferences

The year 2018 was one with many conferences to attend. We just returned from SSP in Cleveland, in September we attended EuroSense in Verona and in May we where present at SenseAsia in Kuala Lumpur. EUROSENSE With a team of six colleagues we headed to EuroSense which we started by... read more →