Jul 10

Software as a Service (SaaS)

At the end of the millennium, using software to collect data for sensory research became very common. The possibility to collect data on paper was still there but digitizing the process ensured a much less time-consuming activity. Companies would buy or rent software that would have to be installed on... read more →
Jul 07

Email Best Practices

Despite the availability of different online channels to reach out to a large audience, email is still considered the most effective channel to communicate with customers and prospects. This is mainly due to its familiarity and usage over the past three decades. Besides this it is considered more reliable over... read more →
Apr 01

EyeQuestion 5!

We are happy to announce that a new major version has been released, EyeQuestion 5! Before we update customers from 4 to 5, we will need to schedule a call and go over some changes to make sure the transition to 5 will go over as smoothly as possible. We... read more →
Mar 24

Best HUT (home-use test) practices using EyeQuestion

During the current times of the COVID-19 pandemic, government and health authorities globally are advising people to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. As a result, conducting sensory tests in a research facility (central location test) have become physically impossible and companies are making a switch... read more →
Dec 09

PhD Tour East Canada 2019

At the beginning of this year we received an e-mail from the Wageningen University asking us if we were interested in sponsoring their biennial tour, where PhD students get the opportunity to participate on this international study tour. EyeQuestion was specifically contacted due to the students giving the board members... read more →
Nov 29

MOA Excursion to Grolsch

On Thursday the 28th of November the MOA (Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics) organized their second excursion of 2019. After a succesful visit to Kraft Heinz in May, the destination this time was Enschede, the location of the Grolsch Brewery. The name Grolsch is deriven from... read more →
Aug 14

Pangborn Edinburgh 2019

While the Netherlands was experiencing a heat wave with temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celcius we were more than happy to go to  Scotland, where the temperature was slightly lower, to attend the 13th Pangborn conference. Our team of 6 arrived safely on Saturday morning and had some time to... read more →
Jul 26

Prepared for the future

With temperatures in the Netherlands reaching record heights and the Pangborn conference right around the corner, we are finishing up on EyeQuestion 5 and looking forward to what the rest of 2019 and 2020 will bring us. Apart from our software development, we have also expanded our office space by... read more →
Jun 03

Kraft Heinz Excursion

On the 23rd of May the MOA (Dutch Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research and Analytics) organized the first excursion of 2019, held at Kraft Heinz, Nijmegen. Around 25 people participated in this event, after we received drinks and got a general introduction with peers, Mr. Dick van Olderen formally started... read more →
May 24

Qi Colloquium

The first ever edition of the Qi Colloquium was held on Thursday May 16th. Hosted by our statistical partners at Qi Statistics, we were pleased to visit the beautiful town of Windsor for this conference. The colloquium was a great opportunity to catch up with the entire Qi team. The... read more →