MOA excursion at the EyeQuestion office

The Netherlands has, as most countries, a national sensory society. In the Netherlands this society is part of the “MOA”. The goal of this national sensory society is to provide a platform to discuss and to share knowledge between members. Furthermore it is active to promote sensory education with the latest methods and innovations. Members come from the food industry, research agencies, academic institutions as well as universities.

Every year an excursion is organized at one of the members to get insights in their daily work and to network with other participants. Due to COVID-19, unfortunately there was no excursion last year. However, we were happy to be able to host the first on-site excursion for this year at our office located in Elst, the Netherlands!

Let’s start out by saying that it felt good to see everyone in person again. The excursion started with a presentation about the history of EyeQuestion; how the company started in 2001 and how it evolved over the years. The participants also got to learn about the innovations that we are currently working on. 


This was followed by a presentation about our in-house research center Blindgetest. Here we independently test out products, try out new research methods and continue to innovate through further development of EyeQuestion by working together with external clients and individual parties. Our research center is also equipped with an immersive room which the panellists could experience during the excursion. This room uses 4k projectors to display 360 degrees images or videos on the wall and includes an odor device to release scents. With this we can create different environments and scenarios by changing the interior design, sound and smell. For this excursion, we had a small beer tasting in two environments: taking part in Octoberfest and relaxing in a garden.

After the beer tasting, we talked about using Virtual Reality in consumer research and the study we did with the title Exploring seasonal context using immersive technology: the application of virtual reality technology in consumer research. In this study we investigated the effect of seasonal context evoked by VR immersion on the desire for drinks and the sensory evaluation of a Dutch cookie (stroopwafel). This study was executed in neutral sensory booths, using VR glasses and in a real-life location and had promising results for using VR glasses in consumer research. During the excursion, the participants could try it themselves and participate in a VR test to experience this technology.


Ending with drinks and time to catch-up, we have enjoyed organizing this excursion and cannot wait for more in-person events to meet more of you.